hi. im married, do i have to change my passport using my new last name or is it optional? thanks.

Its optional if you have the required legal documents – NSO or countries Marriage certificate

I have read both princess and arabella answers. They are both right to a point.

Princess say you do not need to renewal until required. This is not true to a point. You can still use your old passport with maiden name if you have your official marriage certificate or other legal documents indicating name change with you when you travel. You show these offical documents when you check in with the airlines and when you go through Customs and Immigrations

I am more inclined to agree with arabella and change the Philippine Passport refecting your new legal name to avoid possible confusion, but it is optional if you have the other foremention documents with you..

DFA in Manila now has new online Internet services to renewal passport http://www.passports.com.ph/ If your in the Philippines, you can go to the DFA wait in line and have it done faster or do it on line.

When you renewel your Philippine passport, DFA will return your old passport and issue you a new one refecting name change. Make sure you provide them a copy of your NSO birth certificate and NSO or other countries Marrage Certificate for the Philippine Passport Requirements.

Future use of passports, the old one accompanies the new one, to show previous entries

if your outside the Philippines use http://www.google.com and search fo the neareast Philippines Embassy or Consulate

As much as possible you should change all your documents using your married name to avoid future conflicts….. i have many friends whose travel plans were postponed because of such….they have to execute legal docs to remedy the same….

I’ve heard that green Philippine passport are still valid till the expiration date, so I have the impression that I can still travel to the Philippines with a passport which has still 4 months before it expires, but my question is will I be able to travel back to Dubai (after a month vacation) with the same passport (only 3 months left before it expires) with valid Dubai residence visa?

Whether you want to apply for US citizenship or not is really a separate issue from renewing your Philippines passport. You are still a Philippines citizen and need to keep your passport current. It can easily take a year to complete citizenship requirements and get your certificate of naturalization. Do NOT let your Philippines passport expire! Make sure it is current & valid until you have another citizenship AND you have renounced Phil. citizenship. If you wanted to go to Phil. to see your family or whatever, you’d need that passport. If you can continue as dual citizen, you want to keep both passports current at ALL times.

Carrying a US passport can be hazardous to your health – even your life. Remember what happened with the Bombay (Mumbai) hostages held in the moslem terror attack? They kept the US & UK passport holders hostage, and citizens of all other countries were set free unharmed.

I have a green color philippines passport, and I like to cover it with a black or brown leather Passport cover that you can buy from the online store. Is anyone ever use passport cover to their philippine passport without getting in trouble in any aiprort?