My philippine passport is about to expire a couple of months from now.So,i was just wondering if what requirements for philippine passport would I have to bring with me apart from the elapsing passport itself or is that all i need to bring with me to complete renewal procedure and some amount of money?

By the way,I’m right here in the philippines!

Thanks for anyone who’ll be more than willing to share information.

want to ask if i can get a new philippine passport under my family name. i am married and holder a passport using my husband family name.thanks for help.

My philippine passport expires in may but i have to make a trip from San francisco to manila in april.So what can I do to get my passport extended?

Can you expedite renewal of philippine passport in the Philippines?

We are US immigrants planning to go to Niagara falls for a 3 day vacation. unfortunately, my daughter’s philippine passport expired last April, our trip is on Aug. 13. Is it possible to expedite the passport renewal within 2 weeks?